#SCBDFavorite The Splendid Table-Listen Your Way to Being a Culinary Connoisseur

scbdreviewimageI want to share a great, fun and free new way to learn more about all things food (and beverage) that I have been turned on to. My grandfather, who always seems to be the bearer of fun tid-bits of knowledge, listened to a radio programming show that he was excited to share with me. He told me that I HAD to listen to The Splendid Table-he was sure I would be instantly hooked. I have quite a long commute (about an hour and half each way-and yes, I know I’m crazy) so he thought it would be perfect to break up the monotony of listening to the same 10 songs that play on the radio. It is a 1 hour radio program that broadcasts only once a week. So, I decided I would give it a shot-and instantly hooked, I was!!

During my first few listens I was treated to hearing flashback interviews with the famous Julia Child in honor of her would-be birthday in August, a radio version of “chopped”, or stump the chef as the talkshow host calls it, with guests Ted Allen and Mario Batali and visits from various food bloggers, food authors, and other culinary personalities on the show to share their latest trends, knowledge, recipes, etc. The programs I listened to touched on all things from fermentation (think yogurt), to a culinary tour of china, a very basic introduction to wine tasting, a how-to on herbed salt, the Nutella craze in America, and even a segment on a Monk (yes, Monks-the ones who dedicate their lives to religion) run bakery that showcases liquor infused cakes (it’s The JamSpot in Michigan in case you were wondering). That is just a snippet of topics to give you a taste.

Each episode had me wanting to go to The Splendid Table site to read up more on recipes I heard, blogs they had featured and stories the show’s contributor’s had shared. (The site does have all of these things and more-the show always lets you know when and where to find things on their site while broadcasting).

The host, Lynn Rossetto Kasper, is

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a James Beard Award winner for her cookbook, The Splendid Table, which helped to inspire the show. She is also an acclaimed food writer and cooking teacher and let me tell you- boy does she know her stuff! They have a segment where listeners can call in and ask questions and she ALWAYS has the answer. Her wealth of knowledge is infectious and makes me personally, as a food lover, want to learn more.

I do have some side comments about the show that I wanted to add for all you potential listeners. Lynn sounds a lot like Delilah from Lite FM (Come on- you all know who Delilah is, who doesn’t?). She has that soft-spoken, smooth but rich voice. It works in this setting because of the audience and program type. Also, because I listen on a Podcast, there are no commercials. The musical segues to each new segment of the show are a bit cheesy. However, this is by no means meant to be a music related show so I can bear the few seconds of jazzy interlude. Lastly, if you want a general comparison for what to expect from the program- it is a lot like daytime TV shows such as, “The Chew”.

The motto of the show is “The radio program for people who love to eat” and it describes it perfectly. It has brightened that long commute of mine! I only wish there were more than one episode each week. But, for now I have quite a few archived podcasts to work my way through!

There are a handful of ways you can listen to The Splendid Table:

· It can be found on various satellite radio stations (Depending on XM/Sirius)
· On “I Heart Radio”-which is an app you can download on your mobile device and other Apps such as sound cloud etc….The full list can be found on the website: http://www.splendidtable.org/
· Through iTunes/XML podcast-I chose to do the podcast route. iTunes makes it easy with their Podcast app ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/podcasts/id525463029?ls=1&mt=8). You simply search for the show, select, and it will be added to your list of podcasts. I can now listen to new shows as they are added and go back through older episodes as well!
· Lastly you can follow them on Twitter here: @SplendidTable

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