#SCBDFavorite: Delish dinner at Ridge Tavern in Basking Ridge, NJ



My delicious mojito

If you are looking for a great bite in the Basking Ridge area I highly recommend Ridge Tavern which is located on South Finley Ave in Basking Ridge. A few weekends back, Jason and I came in for dinner and were really impressed. I enjoyed my cocktail, the food was fresh, and we had great service.



We started with an appetizer as always and decided to try their calamari. We really liked it and loved the aioli it was served with, it complimented it very well. As we finished our calamari our salad came out which came with the entree we ordered to share.


The salad was great and had my favorite dressing on it, balsamic. It wasn’t too heavy and the greens were fresh, I loved it. Before I knew it, our main, the shrimp pasta dish was on its way out. We decided to share it since we weren’t super hungry and it hit the spot.

Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp Pasta

The shrimp pasta did not disappoint especially since the parpadelle pasta was homemade. It was seasoned perfectly and we loved every bit. We decided to get dessert since they had an interesting special, it was Fried Cheesecake.


Fried Cheesecake

The fried cheesecake was delicious and we were so full! It was definitely one of the most memorable meals we’ve had in the area and we’ve gone back since. I’d love to go back to check out their brunch soon also since it’s a deal! They have a $15.00 brunch buffet on Sunday’s from 10:00am to 2:00pm!

Have you been to Ridge Tavern? Leave a comment or tweet us about your experience!

Cheers to great eating! 😀


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