5 Reasons #SCBD loves Fairway!

So last month, I moved again & this time I’m the furthest North I’ve ever resided in New Jersey. No complaints– I love it, especially since I am that much closer to NYC now. But that also meant adjusting where I get my groceries. The selection up here is awesome there is the typical Stop & Shop and Pathmark. But there is also a Trader Joe’s (I blogged about them in May) which I love and a new addition to my grocer selection is Fairway. Unlike Trader Joe’s which only sells their own products — which is great & works for them, Fairway sells name brand groceries for cheaper prices & they also have their own coffee, which is amazing! That’s only a few reasons why my new favorite place to grocery shop is Fairway Market, here’s a few more:

1.  Big variety of name brands for less: One time I came in and they 2/$5 jars of Nutella! They have great affordable deals on name brand food and beat Pathmark, etc out of the park! The prices are so reasonable and the selection is huge so you have tons of options!

2. In-store events: They have weekly in-store events and cooking demonstrations at their locations. I’m considering going to one near me soon.

3. Liquor Store: Some of their locations, including the one in Woodland Park, NJ have a liquor store department. I don’t know what could be better than that– you can kill two birds with one stone!

4. Fresh deli, produce & more: I love getting my fish from Fairway, it’s great priced and always fresh. They also have an excellent deli selection and a salad bar when you walk in.

5. Delicious coffee: Fairway has delicious coffee and you have the option of getting your own beans if you prefer to get your coffee that way. They also have it packaged and ready for you too! Yum!

Just an FYI — my two favorite places to get my groceries, which are #foodie accommodating are Trader Joe’s & Fairway Market!

Look out for more posts on the way– on upcoming food events & more!

’til then… happy eating! 😀

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