Contests & Giveaways can be a ‘Big Deal’!

Now we all know times are tough which is part of the reason why I began Small Chick Big Deals. But regardless whether it’s food or not I’m always on the look out for contests and you should be too! For a quick background, I’ve grown up living with a family that has always been fond of entering contests, especially my Grandma. She has not only entered 700+ but has one most of them, from concerts to baking a cake at The Waldorf in NYC my Grandma has won them all! So as a kid I always encouraged to enter them and have won a few myself, which I should probably keep a record of.

But since this is a food blog and who doesn’t like to eat for free, I’ll tell you about some recent food contests I’ve won and why you should try them too. Have Twitter? Well here’s just one of the many reasons why you should get one, especially if you like contests and giveaways. Just recently I’ve won 2 contests on Twitter which definitely help out the wallet a bit. I won a $50 gift card from and a $25 gift card to Joe’s Crab Shack.

Sometimes you contests on Twitter can be as simple as Retweeting a Tweet and if you are the first one to Retweet you win and sometimes they even select people at random at the end of the day and pick a winner. That’s how the contest worked, all you have to do is press the Retweet button & done! is a great site to get gift cards for practically nothing usually $5 tops if you sign up for their email newsletter then save tons while you’re at a restaurant. I love the fact that have these Twitter contests and help people save more! I know I’m looking forward to using my gift card and I have plenty of options of where to use it! Look out for a post just on Restaurant.comΒ in the near future. It’s a great money saver. But in the mean time look out for their Twitter contests and promotions.

Some restaurants have trivia, for example Joe’s Crab Shack question was what are the Mardi Gras colors and what their meaning is and whoever was the first to tweet back wins. If you don’t the answer you can always google it and you may learn something along the way. It takes two seconds and it’s so easy. I’ve been dying to go to Joe’s since the restaurant opened near my hometown and the gift card will definitely help! Looks like I’ll be having a date with my boyfriend at Joe’s soon!

Regardless, whether its trivia or as as simple as a RT (Retweet) you never know what you can win. I love Twitter because it’s such an easy for companies to get in touch with their audience from questions, specials, contests, and giveaways it’s definitely a must for any business. I know when I started I didn’t really get the importance of Twitter but almost 2 years later I use it constantly and know I will most likely forever.

Speaking of Twitter, for the most update specials in the NY/NJ metro area– look out for Retweets and some quoted tweets especially when it comes to contests, follow me @smchickbigdeals! I’d love to hear from you!

PS: I also recommend entering contests on websites as long as you know they are legitimate. They can be harder to win but you never know you may just be picked the winner!

Happy Eating & Tweeting! Who knows you may win a gift card yourself πŸ™‚

– Small Chick πŸ™‚

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