Hi I’m Sara and I am….

Hey there!! It's me again, and I am back with a reflection post after many months of transformation, praying,  new routines and more. I started writing this back before my birthday, so I'm just going to tweak it a bit and update it. In November of 2017 I turned 28.  I thought 28 would … Continue reading

Ending the year with Dryel!

Hey guys! Back again with one more post about Dryel. Dryel comes in handy when I'm in a rush and they even have this new stain removing pen which comes in handy when you get a stain while you are out and about. The link for it is, here.Of course last but I have one more reason not to … Continue reading

Budget Friendly and Affordable Dryel

Hey lovely readers!!! So sorry I've been out of touch....My sobriety journey and relationship with God has taken priority and for once in my life I am feeling better about myself, life, and more but I'll be writing  a separate post about that shortly. It's also every bloggers worst … Continue reading

Patience and Progress….

Hey there, it's Sara here. I apologize for kind of falling off on posts recently but I knew it was time to write again. I am extremely thankful for all of you tune into my YouTube channel, especially The Detox Diaries. It's been a huge blessing for me to share my life journey and my addiction … Continue reading